They are designed to keep this toplist fair for everyone

  • You must have a quality site with nylon related content. Nylon stockings, pantyhose, bodystockings and combinations of all are acceptable.
  • No toplist to toplist / CJ sites are accepted unless the link goes directly to your main/home page. A gateway is acceptable.
  • If your site is a pop-up hell it will NOT be accepted and neither will illegal sites such as child porn, bestiality etc. Hardcore sites however ARE accepted
  • ONE listing only per domain, multiple submissions for the same domain are automatically removed.
  • ALL accounts must send at least 1 hit per day to be listed
  • A friends page reciprocal link is acceptable provided you display ALL links in your friends page data base. If you limit the amount of links you show on your friends page, a reciprocal link is required elsewhere on your site. Please NO links page 2, 3, sub-link pages etc...
  • DON'T CHEAT, as well as cookie & IP monitoring, logs are also monitored.
  • NO RE-DIRECTS, You will be banned if you re-direct the URL you sign-up with elsewhere.
  • The webmaster's decision as to which sites are accepted to the list is final. However, your site will be approved if it meets these conditions.
  • ANIMATED banners are fine, but please use only softcore banners.
  • ADD THE RETURN LINK IMMEDIATELY - All new submissions are thoroughly checked, so please add the return link right away and specify the correct "Reciprocal Link URL" on the submission form. If the return link cannot be found your account will not be approved or will be deleted if the link is subsequently removed.
  • You may add as many reciprocal links as you like on your site. Top referrers are also listed in other pages.
  • Please complete the appropriate URL field if you run an affiliate program. We have other nylon-related sites where you can be promoted.

ABOVE ALL remember that this listing sends out good levels of traffic, so all that is asked
in return is that you play fair and place our link in a good position on your site.

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